Temporary Promotions & Bundles

Note: The systems offered here are in stock and ready to ship.
Other models resp. assembly variants could be more likely to meet customer needs, but mostly with some even longer delivery times.

OEMV2-L12GRV-2xOBS421-Li14-Al-FL-WR + GPS-702 + Accessories

RT-2@GPS+GLO + Pinwheel bundle : 2950 EUR *

NV08C-RTK-M-2xOBS421x-Li8-AL-FL-WR + GPS-702 + Accessories

NV08C-RTK-M + Pinwheel Rover bundle : 2450 EUR *

TW4421 bundle for Garmin & Co.

Tallysman TW4421 (MCX/RA) + ground plane : 60 EUR *

Prices, Shipping & VAT

* : All prices are exclusive of VAT as well as shipping costs
Shipping from Germany abroad usually corresponds exactly to the current prices of DHL*


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